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COVID-19 may have changed the way we live but it hasn't changed our passion and drive to make a difference for those in need. Now more than ever, vulnerable communities need our help! To date we have been able to impact over 180 000 lives and counting!


You can get involved in our Disaster Relief Campaign from the very comfort of your home. Donate funds towards a pop-up Soup Kitchen for a community in need or contribute towards grocery vouchers that will help feed struggling families. We work with community organisations and churches that are able to assist with distribution of bread and meals to kids and families most in need. We are also inviting Corporate Institutions to partner with us to increase our reach.


Together, we can support those that have been most adversely affected by the current pandemic. Though we may be apart, we can still be united in a common cause - to put our love into action and make a difference for the most vulnerable in our society.

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