Digital cocaine and the fire at the Jesus Dome!

Two Sunday's ago we had Brad Huddleston as the guest speaker at Acts Christian Church. His message was mind blowing to say the least. I mean I've heard so many times how excessive use of computers and social media can be detrimental to your relationships and how these devices are such a distraction from real life and most importantly our relationship with God. I got that... I understood that...but somehow it never really shocked me enough to make me want to put my phone down. Being a scientist means that statements such as "too much technology is detrimental to your health" only elicits the shock factor with me when I can see the science behind it. In many ways my brain has been trained to

A small act of kindness

Pick up a newspaper ....well more like open the news app on your smartphone & almost every article you read gives off a negative vibe. Currently the economic outlook of our country is bleak and if you're anything like me, then you skip all the financial jargon in search of some happier content. No matter how much I limit my intake of current affairs, I am still painfully aware of the soaring unemployment rates & the direct impact that has on the number of people that are likely to end up living below the poverty line. With so many families struggling to make ends meet its no wonder that even basic necessities are no longer possible. As Acts of Love prepares for the second Winter Outreach fo

Why God? A story of love and grace

Remember we promised to introduce you to some of our team members - well there's no time like the present. On today's blog we have a guest writer & her story is far from boring. She is the project manager for the Acts of Love Soup Kitchen Feeding Scheme and one of the funnest members of our team. When she's not taking selfies, she is the Sports Coordinator at Glen Austin High School. She has crazy love for her Jack Russell Gracy & a heart to serve others. But that's not all - she is also a soon to be published author. We asked her about the latter - how did she get the idea to write the book, what it's all about and what she hopes to achieve from it. This is what Loshnee had to say: I am

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