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Why God? A story of love and grace

Remember we promised to introduce you to some of our team members - well there's no time like the present. On today's blog we have a guest writer & her story is far from boring. She is the project manager for the Acts of Love Soup Kitchen Feeding Scheme and one of the funnest members of our team. When she's not taking selfies, she is the Sports Coordinator at Glen Austin High School. She has crazy love for her Jack Russell Gracy & a heart to serve others. But that's not all - she is also a soon to be published author. We asked her about the latter - how did she get the idea to write the book, what it's all about and what she hopes to achieve from it. This is what Loshnee had to say:


I am not an author. I believe that authors are people who plunge deep into the ocean of knowledge and come up with rare gems of literature. I am just a person who has the desire to share the fact that God is faithful, loving and caring. A friend of mine once told me that if I ever wrote a book she would buy it. I prayed about the idea of writing this book after that conversation and left it to God, a week after that God showed me that I should stop thinking and start writing. Soon after that the idea of the book was born.

Why God? A story of Love and Grace is more than a book; it’s a manuscript that speaks of the practicality of life. I started writing this book to share my experience of how God delivered me from bondage's and emotions that were controlling everything I said and did. It documents the journey of a girl who was born into another religion but still found her purpose through the Great I am. If anything life has taught me that when God calls you He doesn’t stop calling until you answer and He will always wait for you to answer because He never gives up on us.

This book is a testimony of how God can change your mess into a message if you put Him first above everything else. I believe that this book needed to be written so that it can help people to change their perception of life, to see why God is the only answer. It’s to help the youth realise that God is more than enough; it is there to teach people that they are beautiful because God says they are and His word is always the only word to believe. This book is there to encourage people through the tough times and to remind them to stay determined through the pain and unwanted challenges. I want people who read this book to feel the joy of the Lord, as I do. I may not have always been Christian, but I simply cannot imagine a life without Christ!

It took me 4 months to write this book and I believe that God helped me write every word, I can go as far as saying that some of the chapters even brought healing to situations I thought I dealt with a long time ago. The book is now at the stage of being edited and published. My mind often wanders to what will happen after the publishing. Will people want to read this? Will they feel my passion of what I am trying to say? Will they realise why God is so important and how much He loves us? I was playing all these scenarios in my head recently and I was reminded of the fact that God will always finish what he starts and he is never a God of half measures.

Someone asked me the other day if I thought of another book as yet and my answer was simple, yes of course but let God speak through this one first. Stay posted for the publication of Why God? A story of Love and Grace. You will never be the same again after reading about the goodness of God and how he can take you to a place you could have never imagined going even in your wildest of dreams.

Loshnee Iyer


Evidence that God can use you to impact others if you will just let Him! Well we simply cannot wait to see this book hit the shelves! If you wanna keep up to date with the progress of the book you can follow Loshnee on Facebook (Loshnee Iyer), Twitter (@loshie101) & Instagram (@loshneeiyer).

Warning: Be prepared to see loads of selfies.....and I mean loads!

Till next time….Stay happy, healthy and blessed!

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