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Acts of Love has a way!!!

Welcome to the Acts of Love Blog - wow, it almost feels surreal to say that!

If you are an avid Acts of Love follower you would have noticed that our website has been revamped. Not just a little concealer (you ladies will know what I am talking about) but a total and complete make over. We are so excited to share this new website with you & we hope you enjoy browsing through the pages whilst getting a feel for what we do.

What can you expect from our website? Our intention behind the redesign of the website was to create a place where our volunteers and donors could access information on upcoming outreach events as well as find out how to get involved. We want anyone interested in AOL to have a place where they can find out all about us & what we do.

We recognise that in a digital age, people enjoy looking at information online in their own time - our website will allow just that. You can check out pics and articles from previous outreaches and even view our ad campaigns at the click of a button. You can link on to our social media pages directly from our site by just clicking the icons at the bottom of our pages. It's that easy. We want to connect with you and stay connected outside of just outreach days.

Once you have had a look around, tell us what you think by commenting on this post or even emailing us. We would love to hear from you!

Our Blog...well that's definitely new and exciting for us! We wanted to have a platform where you could get to know Acts of Love better. We will have some guest bloggers lined up for you over the coming months, as I am pretty sure you don't just want to hear from me.

We hope to mostly use the Blog to share with you the faces and stories of the people we meet along the way and how your time and giving has impacted their lives. Every donor and volunteer plays a part in that process - so why not share in the success story of the lives being changed.

Outreach days are usually crazy busy and there is little time for social interaction or getting to know our team. So, through the blog, you can expect to be introduced to some of our dedicated team members - they're an awesome bunch after all!

We're still getting the hang of this so stick around during these initial teething stages - it will all be worth it in the end. We can say with certainty that there will be interesting content that you will love reading.

Being a Public Benefit Organisation in the economic climate we currently face is difficult to say the least. When businesses and households cut back on expenses, the first to go is charity work because hey whats the use in giving if you don't have much yourself. Giving is not only financial, you can give your time to a friend in need or to someone sick who just needs encouragement. You can use your talents to help someone in need. Those are all forms of giving. There are many ways to be involved. It also doesn't matter how much you give, as long as you give cheerfully and with a good heart. God loves a cheerful giver! Every single one of our donors and volunteers are precious to us because we know the sacrifice they make to improve the lives of others. We simply could not achieve our goals as Acts of Love without amazing people like you!

In a hurting world, we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus - to bring hope and love and light to those who are destitute, underprivileged and in need of someone who cares. That's what we do & that's pretty much who we are - a helping hand in time of need, and by partnering with us, that is also who you are!

Stay happy, healthy & blessed,

Till next time...

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